River City Sweet Shop began as Sweetly Scrumptious.  It was founded in 2009 by an ambitious woman who saw a need for specialty desserts with flair and pizzazz.  Over the years, she added to her list of sweetly scrumptious treats.  In the fall of 2018, the original owner of the bakery brought on  business partners, Bill and Marilyn Ramsey.  The new partners had years of local business experience as well as a secret weapon, Marilyn is a chocolatier.  In early 2019, the original owner decided it was time to move on to other opportunities leaving Bill and Marilyn Ramsey the option to purchase her half.

The shop underwent many changes over the first few months.  The pink and yellow has been replaced with Raspberry Red and Blueberry Blue, display cases have been added along with a cooler for last minute cake needs.  River City Sweet Shop has also partnered with Door Dash, Grub Hub, and 1800 Fruit Bouquets.  The ladies of River City Sweet Shop challenge conventional flavors by adding exotic additions to their batter.  They introduced their signature cupcake, the Strawberry Champagne cupcake topped with edible roses and pearl beads in June of 2019.  They also have added to their arsenal of treats a Double IPA chocolate cupcake(made with local brewed Double IPA) with salted caramel drizzle and a chocolate covered pretzel.  We invite you to stop by our shop anytime to try one of our sweet treats.