Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver in Wichita and the surrounding area. We use a 3rd party company to deliver our products. The delivery schedule is 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. We do not deliver on weekends. Minimum order for delivery is 1 dozen. Delivery for next day or same week is $20.00 and for same day delivery is $30.00. You can also order limited menu items for delivery using Door Dash and Grub Hub.

Can you ship my order to another city or state?

To insure the quality of our product we do not offer shipping to other cities or states. Stay tuned because we are working on it.

Do you offer options for people with dietary restrictions?

Yes we do offer options for those with dietary restrictions. These are special order items so please call our store and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with your order.

I want to order a cake how do I do that?

Cakes are very detailed and intricate. For this reason we ask you call the shop directly and speak to one of our decorators so that they can get a good idea of your vision and what you want. You can reach us at 316-681-2253.

Do you do Keto desserts?

Yes. We do offer a limited selection of keto sweet treats. Keto items are by special order only. Please contact the store for selection of keto items and their availability. These items require a 24-48 hour notice.

Do you offer sugar free or gluten free items?

Yes we do offer sugar free and gluten free items. Availability is limited so please contact the store directly to see what we have in stock. These items may require a 24-48 hour notice.

Do you donate to charities?

River City Sweet Shop does donations to local events and charities. We center our business around people, relationships, and community. We do ask that you fill out a donation request form and submit it for review. River City Sweet Shop selects receipients quarterly with a maximum yearly donation amount of $500.00. For those requests that are not selected we do offer a significant 25% discount on product for your designated event.